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Welcome Dr. Namm! Silver Linings for Healthy Kids Pediatrics

Welcome Dr. Rachelle Namm to the Healthy Kids Team!!

You have been asking for more same day sick appointments, greater availability of providers throughout the day, and more flexibility scheduling well visits. You expect sound advice and guidance from dedicated pediatric medical professionals with years of experience backed by a strong team of knowledgeable, caring, and competent medical assistants. We demand excellence in our delivery of loving, comprehensive care to your children and your family. You deserve all of this and we are so excited to be able to continue to provide our award-winning services with the addition of pediatrician Dr. Rachelle Namm!

Especially now, during the start of cold and flu season and with the potential for a surge in novel coronavirus cases looming, we must be diligent as we prepare our staff and our services to face the known winter-time challenges as well as the uncertainty of how COVID-19 will play a role.

In addition to adding telemedicine to our list of services and securing ample personal protective equipment to keep our team and your family safe during visits, the fortunate addition of Dr. Namm to our team allows us to do two really big things we were not able to do for the past few years!

1. Increase provider availability by adding an additional full day’s worth of appointments on all Wednesdays and Fridays as well as additional hours on Monday evenings

2. For a very limited time, open our doors to expectant families who were previously unable to attend our open houses as well as families who are looking to transfer into our practice.

The coronavirus pandemic has posed immeasurable challenges to all of us, but for many there has been a silver lining…a slower pace of living, more family dinners, potty training and bicycle riding successes, and a unique opportunity to be with your children and get to know them better than ever before.

The pandemic also caused the careers of many excellent pediatricians to become disrupted as a result of their practices downsizing or closing altogether. The silver lining for us was the unexpected and incredible opportunity we experienced when we discovered Dr. Namm.

We thank you for welcoming Dr. Namm into the HKP family and we know you will find her care to follow the same high standards of exceptional care and service you have come to expect and deserve!