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Dr. Jill Garripoli, Peter P.J. Pimpinelli, Healthy Kids Pediatrics, Nutley NJ Pediatrician

Open House/Prenatal Class Info

Expecting a newborn? Congratulations!  The next Healthy Kids Pediatrics Open House event will be held on Saturday August 17, 2019.

Come meet the team, ask questions, and discover your future medical home. If you or someone you know is expecting and would like to join the HKP Family, tag a friend, call 844-437-5455, or email to reserve your seat.

***Please note that attending one of our Open House events prior to the birth of your child is a prerequisite for our newborn patients.

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Healthy Kids Pediatrics is affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center.


Please log in to CHADIS here and complete the questionnaire PRIOR to arriving for your next well visit.  Thank you. -HKP




A few friendly reminders & updates from the Healthy Kids Team:

1) In order to maintain an on-time appointment schedule for our patients, you will be asked to reschedule if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your visit. *Please see #2.

2) Patients who fail to show up for their confirmed well visit appointment will be charged a $100 fee if 24 hours notice of cancellation is not provided. Patients who fail to show up for a pre-scheduled sick visit appointment will be charged a $25 fee if 24 hours notice of cancellation is not provided.

3) Outstanding balances and payments can be made here on the Healthy Kids website by visiting the “Forms and Payments” page.  *Please note that we are unable to accept payments via the patient portal.

4) In an effort to accommodate everyone for their flu shots, the shots will be given by the HKP medical assistants. If you need to speak with either one of our medical practitioners, Dr. Jill or our Physician Assistant, P.J., please advise the staff prior to your appointment so that the appropriate amount of time may be scheduled.

5) To ensure availability, daytime well visits can and should be scheduled up to 3 months in advance and well visits after 4 pm can and should be scheduled up to 4-6 months in advance.

6) Visits with Dr. Jill and P.J. and are by appointment only. In order to serve our pre-scheduled patients, walk-ins can not be accommodated.

7) For URGENT after hours phone calls, call the HKP Hotline at 1-844-437-5455. For all other calls or non-urgent questions & concerns, please e-mail us, use the online portal, or call 1-844-437-5455 during regular office hours.

8) Saturday appointments are reserved for same-day sick visits. These appointments are scheduled by the next available time slot only.

9) We ask that our patients refrain from tossing soiled diapers, half empty cups, and food directly into the garbage cans in our parking lot behind our building. These cans are not meant for daily loose trash.

10) It is sometimes hard to know if your sick child needs to be seen right away or if it is ok to wait until the office reopens to come for a visit at our office where we know your child best. Most things can wait until morning and many times there is a benefit to waiting. However, call us if you feel that your child’s illness is urgent and cannot wait. Please refer to our AFTER HOURS SYMPTOMS LIST (link below) or our Healthy Kids Q&A with Dr. Jill and P.J. video series page which includes general guidelines to help you decide what is urgent and what can wait. Reasons to go directly to an emergency room include: serious cut, animal bite, sudden allergic reaction, broken bone, severe burn, severe asthma attack.

This information is not intended to replace the actual advice from Dr. Jill or P.J. These are merely guidelines to help you in your decision-making process.

*You may click on the thumbnail above to view the list or click on the link to download the PDF version.



After Hours Symptoms List

If you are wondering if you should call us or what to do before your next appointment, check out this list.This information is not intended to replace the actual advice from Dr. Jill or P.J.

These are merely guidelines to help you in your decision-making process.

Important Developmental Milestones

CDC Milestone ChartClick here for the CDC’s online library of important developmental milestones from 2 months to 5 years old. Use this library as an aid in completing the milestones checklist for your child’s age.  Dr. Jill and P.J. will be giving you a printout of the appropriate milestone chart at your next well visit.  To see these photos and videos with milestones checklists, go to


This section will tell you everything you need to know and do if your child has a fever!

Fever Chart:

  • Fever is our friend! When the immune system is faced with a virus, bacteria, or other foreign intruder it causes a rise in body temperature leading to a number of reactions that protect our body. A fever can be scary, but it means our body is working!


  • In any child over 2 months old, treat the child, NOT the fever! We want the fever to do its job, but only give medication if your child is uncomfortable. Often times the fever will come down on its own with rest, fluids, or a lukewarm bath.


  • Temperatures should be taken orally or rectally. Ear thermometers are not accurate. If you are truly concerned about what the temperature is use a rectal thermometer until your child is old enough for an accurate oral temperature reading.


  • In a child less than 2 months old, any rectal temperature above 100.4 warrants a call to our office. A fever without any other symptoms in this age group can be caused by over-swaddling, a common viral infection, or meningitis–newborns do not look “sicker” if they have a more serious reason for their fever. Don’t look for trouble, but if you think your newborn has a fever, undress him down to his diaper, let him acclimate to room temperature, and only then take a rectal temp.


  • When medicating children we always base the dose on weight NOT age!


  • In children 2-6 months old, Infant’s/Children’s Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is the appropriate fever reducing medication to be given every 4-6 hours as needed. The concentration is the same in both types, but the Infant one has a measuring dropper. Rectal Tylenol suppositories are available if your child is not tolerating the oral medication.


  • For children over 6 months old, we recommend Children’s Motrin/Advil (Ibuprofen) every 6-8 hours as needed since it does not have a risk of liver toxicity and it is an anti-inflammatory (Tylenol is not). You do not need to purchase Infant’s Concentrated Motrin/Advil since children 6 months and older can use the Children’s form. However, use what works best for your family.


  • If a fever is not coming down with Tylenol or Motrin/Advil, you may use both medications as follows: Start with Advil, then 3 hours later give Tylenol, three hours later give Advil, and alternate every 3 hours back and forth as needed.


  • Tylenol/Motrin may be used with cough/cold medications as long as there is no Tylenol/Motrin in the cough/cold medication. They may also be used with antibiotics or Benadryl if needed.


  • Aspirin or any aspirin containing product is NOT recommended for use in children.


• Fever reducing medication can be given to children after their vaccines, but we do not recommend giving it before vaccines.


To DOWNLOAD and or PRINT a copy of the complete Fever Chart, click here.

Fever Dosage Chart

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