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“Should we vaccinate our 12-15 year old?”

“Should we vaccinate our 12-15 year old?”
As you can imagine, our doctors have been getting this question a lot!
We wish we could give everyone definitive guidance, but due to the newness of this vaccine that’s not the case. We have seen nothing with regard to contraindications to receiving the vaccine, but due to it being so new without long term data it is difficult to do a blanket recommendation for all.
Even though our practice believes in the safety and efficacy of vaccines, when it comes to specifically vaccinating 12-15 year old children with the covid vaccine, we are handling our recommendations like the flu shot; we are recommending it, but leaving it up to the parents to ultimately decide unless it is mandatory (as is the case with the flu vaccine and pre-school attendance).
We do believe, however, that our patients whose medical conditions put them at increased risk of severe illness if they contracted covid and those who live with high risk family members get the vaccine.
The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and the CDC have all issued statements recommending it and the data continue to show this vaccine is safe and effective.
We have all felt the effects of the impact of the pandemic on our children’s mental and emotional health as they have missed out on so many experiences these past 14 months. Getting them back to all their normal activities is our top priority so we will continue to stay updated on the latest information regarding the vaccine.
Things are moving very fast so Dr. Namm, Dr. Jill, Dr. Torres, and the Heathy Kids Team are doing our best to keep up!
Have a great weekend!