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Self-Care Tips for Parents & Guardians that Require Minimal Time and Money from Dr. Tom Gambino

Another helpful article from child psychologist, Dr. Tom Gambino! 👍

Self-Care Tips for Parents/Guardians That Require Minimal Time and Money

1) Deep Breathing- Take a slow deep breath in through your nose, feeling the cool air entering your body. Slowly breathe out through your mouth, feeling the warm air leaving. Repeat steps above and bring your attention to your breath. It’s okay if your mind wanders, slowly bring your attention back to your breath. This exercise can last for a few minutes or at least 3-5 breaths.

2) Say To Yourself Three Positive Affirmations- For example, “I’m going to try my best today and that will be good enough,” “I am proud of myself for_____,” “One thing I look forward to is_____.”

3) Have A Special Warm Drink/Snack- Intentionally pack or make a special food item that can be eaten during your day.

4) Check In With Yourself- The holiday season can bring a mixture of emotions. Be mindful of what you’re feeling and allow yourself to take breaks, of any length, if needed during your day.

5) Allow Yourself To Care For Yourself- Parents/Guardians have to not only care for themselves but for the people around them. It’s okay to take time for yourself, even if it’s for a few seconds or minutes. You can be a great parent/guardian and still take great care of yourself.