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“One woman whom I admire for her contributions to society is my pediatrician, Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino”

The Healthy Kids Team would like to thank Sierra Mohamed for her kind words and wish her all the best as she heads off to high school.

This was one of the essays she wrote to accompany her enrollment application. Dr. Jill loves that Sierra has been a patient here at HKP since she was a baby and knows knows that she’ll her star will shine bright anywhere she goes. Best wishes, Sierra!


“One woman whom I admire for her contributions to society is my pediatrician, Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino, or Dr. Garripoli. Dr. Garripoli has been my pediatrician since I was a baby; I find this amazing. I admire her for being a woman who is not afraid of hard work, not afraid of failing, who is entrepreneurial, for being a woman who succeeds, and for being the author of her own book.

I remember visiting Dr. Garripoli at the previous place where she worked. Now, she has settled into a new town and owns her own clinic where she takes care of all the children who come to her office. Dr. Garripoli has also written a book titled, The Universe is Listening. This book is important because it is intended to empower children to discover happiness through positive thinking.

Doing things like opening your own practice, writing a book, or taking care of kids takes time and effort, it is hard work, but by being dedicated, she was able to achieve all of these goals.Dr. Garripoli’s story has impacted me because it shows me that while you are doing one thing, you can also be working hard at another thing even though there may be a chance of failing at one or even all of those things.

I strive to be like her and work hard so that maybe one day, I could own my own clinic, or invent some new device or process that can be helpful to others, write my own book, or maybe even achieve all of these goals.”