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Important Flu Clinic Info for Healthy Kids Pediatrics

Check out our latest video to see Dr. Jill, Dr. Namm, and Dr. Torres review important information regrading this year’s Flu Clinics at Healthy Kids Pediatrics. (plus a little bonus at the end)

Here’s a quick recap:

1) Back by popular demand, our Flu Clinics will be “Drive Through” in our parking lot once again for all of our patients 6 months and older.
2) Flu Clinic Dates- (Wednesday, Sept 15th in the afternoon, Saturday Sept 25th in the morning, and Monday Oct 11 in the afternoon); please call our office to schedule your child/children’s appt. 844-437-5455

3) Watch the helpful instructional video we made so you know where to go and what to do when you arrive. (link in comments below)

4) Please dress your children in loose fitting clothing/sleeves and for the little ones please make sure their upper legs are exposed.

5) If you have a well visit in September or October, you can get your flu shot then instead.

6) We are allowing siblings to come to scheduled well visits to get their flu shots as well.

7) We are unable to provide flu shots for parents this year, but we strongly advise parents to get their flu shots as well.

8) Children 6 months to 8 years old who are getting their first flu vaccine this year will need a booster vaccine at least one month after their first vaccine.

9) For the little toddlers and infants, this booster vaccine can be done at their next well visit.

10) Please keep in mind that flu vaccines are mandatory for children who attend daycare/preschool.

As you know we encourage the flu shot every year since influenza virus does kill children each year. Being vaccinated will greatly reduce the risk that your child’s winter illness will be caused by influenza.

And remember, good hand washing, keeping fingers away from your face, and getting proper sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the foundations to staying healthy.

Have a great school year!!