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Healthy Summer Friendships for Your Teen

Dr. Gambino joins us once again with another helpful article for our HKP families.  This time he’s offering some great advice on how you can help your teen navigate the sometimes tricky situation of maintaining friendships while school is out for summer break. Teens often feel added pressure to please everyone or not be left out so it’s really important to help them establish healthy and realistic boundaries.

Try these tips to open the lines of communication or feel free to contact Dr. Gambino for additional support: 

1) Discuss any fears or anxieties your child has regarding seeing their friends this summer.

2) Discuss what their expectations are for seeing their friends and collaborate on what works for the summer. Be prepared to meet them in the middle.

3) Collaborate on creating a schedule that works for everyone.

4) Discuss other activities they want/can also participate in. Keeping your child busy and on a routine will greatly benefit them.

5) Check in with your child throughout the summer on how things are going, how they are feeling, and if the schedule needs to be altered in anyway.

6) The main goal is to foster open and honest communication.