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Healthy Kids Pediatrics, Nutley NJ Pediatrician
Thank you Jaimie Bivona Genovesi and Daniella Giaquinto for helping Healthy Kids Pediatrics earn our 70th Five Star Review.
We really appreciate it when our families take the time out of their busy schedules to share their positive feedback and experiences with us. It is our pleasure to provide your children with exceptional care and to be your trusted medical home.
Dr. Jill Garripoli, Healthy Kids Pediatrics, Nutley Nj Pediatrician
Thank you Melinda Trzepla-Kelly for the awesome feedback you posted about P.J. and for helping Healthy Kids Pediatrics earn their 60th “5 Star” patient review. We are delighted that you and so many other parents are happy with the care you receive from P.J., Dr. Jill, and the HKP team. Thank you to all the families who have taken the time to share your positive reviews online and with your friends who are expecting.
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There has never been a more caring, knowledgeable, and loving pediatrician for my children! We would travel the earth to see Dr Jill! She is simply the best!

– Jamie Ardizzone

Emma and Katelyn are so lucky to have you as their pediatrician and you’ve done so much to help us grow as parents. You always go above and beyond for your patients and their families. You are truly an amazing doctor and woman! We love you Dr. Jill!!!!!!
– Jennifer Anne Trzepla

The absolute BEST doctor for my kids! Dr. Jill always makes my children feel like they are part of our conversation when discussing their health and they LOVE going to see her!
– Alison Robayo

I thought I’d shout out to some amazing women who have helped me grow as a mom! There’s an undercover superhero behind each mom and that is our amazing pediatrician and friend! No matter what happens with our adventurous family, she is always there to laugh, heal and comfort and I can’t thank her enough for always be there. Dr. Jill, you are the superhero of all us mothers!
– Suzy Gujda



Another great appointment with Dr. Jill! My 5 year old is growing just as he should.
– Melissa Tronziger

Dr. Jill is a wonderful, kind, and thorough doctor. We have been going to see her since my son was one and now she also sees my daughter. A trip to the doctor is always easy on my kids because Dr. Jill and her staff make it that way. Everyone is always helpful and if they are out of the office you get a call back asap if you need help. She treats my kids as if they were her own and you feel like she is part of your family. We love Dr. Jill and will be seeing her until my kids are 18! If anyone is looking for a pediatrician, this is the place to go!
-Teresa Allegrino


We were in Pennsylvania and I found a cup. I ask Jules “do you want to take this cup back to New Jersey and use it for school?” “We can fill it up with juice”… Jules say “mommy don’t you remember what Dr. Jill said? No juice just water!” I will know where to make an appointment the next time I try to get something through to her stubborn brain! Hahaha Thank you for your wonderful influence.
– Patrycja Munro

Dr. Jill Garripoli is the best! If you are looking for an amazing pediatrician for your children you have to go see her!
– Jennifer Darby Metzger

We love Dr. Jill Garripoli!! Couldn’t say enough great things about her! We are truly so lucky to have her as our pediatrician! Our kids couldn’t be in better hands!!!
– Mary Marquart Ondrof


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