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An Important Message from the Doctors at Healthy Kids Pediatrics on the Current Mental Crisis:

An important message from the doctors at Healthy Kids Pediatrics on the current mental health crisis:

The pandemic has exposed a lot of anxiety and depression in children of all ages. Please know that we are here to help you and your family.

Remember, on your patient portal, we encourage you to fill out the CHADIS questionnaires before your child’s next well visit. This enables us to identify any areas of concern and focus on solutions during the appointment.

In addition, try to take advantage of every opportunity you have to truly connect with your child. (Make a it a device-free interaction to prevent unnecessary distractions.) Try going for a walk or using the next long car ride together to dig a little deeper into what’s really happening in your child’s life.

As always, call us with any concerns you may have about your child at 844-437-5455 so we can schedule an appointment.